Grow Your Stream: Tips for Twitch & Youtube [soothing 🌧️ 💤]


September 25th, 2019

1 hr 14 mins 50 secs

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About this Episode

Ever wonder if it's possible to stream for a living? Well, I attempt to give some general insights (along with some high-level tips) for streamers and E-tainment folk

Definition (E-tainment): General term used for streamers, and content creators using streaming and video platforms to sustain income. At the very least, I USE IT as a general term, so I'm sticking too it ;). I am very passionate about helping others succeed and the streaming space is the wild west and it seems that no one really know's what to do. I can hopefully bridge the gap. But I don't want to get ahead of myself, there are plenty of other experts that can go on for hours. Think of me as a proxy for the better folk, I talk about things that interest me in a calm, soothing manner, to help you rest.

If you can't sleep, give this sleep and relaxation podcast a shot. I can't guarantee you'll sleep fast, but my voice tends to make people yawn and that's a good sign (for the podcast).

Note: I'm qualifying this as AMSR due to my goal of using sounds and my voice to help calm insomnia, relieve stress, and to help sleep with ease.

Comments, topics ideas, or questions or biz inquiries: Feel free to reach out via email ([email protected]).

Rain is in the background and fades in gradually throughout the episodes. 🌧️
Including crackling fire background sounds as well for richer harmony

Song Credits (in order):
[intro] Uniq - Japan

Sounds Used:
-Rain (outside)
-Crackling Indoor Fireplace