45 Minutes of Saying Goodnight To Various 1980's Baby Names [sleep 🌧️]


November 11th, 2019

48 mins 32 secs

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About this Episode

Joey is not afraid to try new things. This latest episode he sticks to his roots and says 'goodnight' in multiple fashions to over 500 names. Is your name mentioned? If you are born in the 1980's, chances are it's mentioned. Maybe all we need to go to sleep is to hear your name from a soothing voice. Note: this was an idea created because he woke up after 2 hours of sleep and couldn't get back.

Joey might be the host, but he still falls victim to insomnia. Let's dream easy, folks!

PS: The style of saying 'good night' varies dramatically and it's pretty apparent (lul).

Keep in mind, my voice and the podcast's purpose is to help you fall asleep and relax. Close your eyes, listen to the soothing sounds of nature and let my voice curb your insomnia.

Note: My long-windedness and loss of thought might have something to do with the Sativa (or maybe that's me).Rain sounds & soothing noise to help you calm down and destress. Sleep easy.

If you can't sleep, give this sleep and relaxation podcast a shot. I can't guarantee you'll sleep fast, but my voice tends to make people yawn and that's a good sign (for the podcast).

Note: I'm qualifying this as AMSR due to my goal of using sounds and my voice to help calm insomnia, relieve stress, and to help sleep with ease.

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Rain is in the background and fades in gradually throughout the episodes. 🌧️
Including crackling fire background sounds as well for richer harmony

Song Credits (in order):
[intro] Uniq - Japan

Sounds Used:
-Rain (outside)
-Crackling Indoor Fireplace