Strikingly Profound Lofi Hip-hop Youtube Comments w/ Lofi Chill Beats ( 💤 + 🌧️)


May 10th, 2020

1 hr 5 mins 3 secs

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About this Episode

"i hate the feeling." "why won't it make sense?" "can't sleep and can't help but wonder why." What do all these quotes have in common? Well, lofi hip-hop that's what. I'm old (well 34) and I was once a teen half a life ago and nothing makes me feel more serene than reading lofi hip-hop youtube comments. I like to think of them as a vessel to the past (or future) of wisdom that we all could be reminded of once in a while. This episode includes lofi-music in the 1st half (fades in around the 8 minute mark) and of course steady white noise drizzled into your eardrums.

I wouldn't be shocked if this episode catches wind for teens, so the comments being read start at the 8 minute mark as well. As you look up at the ceiling tonight and ponder life, feel at ease that you aren't completely alone.

About Droolish: Droolish is a sleep and relaxation podcast, focused on varied subjects with the goal to help remove insomnia, improve relaxation, and help you go to sleep.

Note: I'm qualifying this as AMSR due to my goal of wanting to use sounds and my voice to help calm imsomnia and to help you relax and go to sleep.

Comments, topics ideas, or questions or biz inquries: Feel free to reach out via email ([email protected]).

Beginning words: 0:20

Parting Words: 50:20

Song Credits (in order):
[intro] Uniq - Japan
fantompower - blankets
mell-ø - deja vu
High Noon Rush - Kane
lilac - last train home together
Nohone - Breath
petunie - distant
tonnA - On The Phone
Philanthrope x Yasper - Slopes
trakeemovich - lifes a bitch
redrose - i miss the way u played
Nerok - I'm Saying Goodbye

Rain Storm (steady, outside)
Binarual Beats (Thelta Frequency)