Removing Distraction (hack?) Via Writing To Fix Sleep Issues & Mind Racing #gamechanger (💤 + 🌧️)


May 17th, 2020

1 hr 2 mins 57 secs

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It's super rare that I dive deep into the tank of my thoughts to provide (what I believe) unorthodox insights and teachings for the sake of good. Might I be changing for the better? I dunno. Anyways, if you have constant mind-chatter and mind-racing, listening to this episode and practicing mindful journaling as instructed quite possibly will bring unbridled clarity. And we all sure could use that right about now. This exercise has worked for me in not just expanding myself, but has helped provide a sense of ease when sleeping.

I reflect on my previous sleeping issues since childhood and found a significant pattern. My mind is always distracted, either with consuming too much content/media/life/learning without actually producing (compartmentalizing thoughts). This, in turn, combined with my ADHD, often left me in a whirlwind of thoughts, restlessness, and uncertainty. It's not totally fixed, the art of sleep is a neverending journey, but if this helps you make significant strides, then I'll be super happy for you.

Maybe I am growing up...heh lol

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This is my most in-depth episode that discusses my experiences, learnings, all wrapped in my stream-of-conciousness. In other words, it's just one big flow. No parting words, I hope this helps anyone willing to listen and improve themselves.

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