Decluttering Emails & Undoing Years of Spam...for your sanity [😴 +🌧️]


February 19th, 2020

59 mins 53 secs

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About this Episode

I discuss how too many emails and lack of (my) action have caused me minutes (maybe days) of my life swiping 'ignore' on most emails. No more, I go though how and why this came to be. If it sounds familiar, then I hope you give a listen to the extent of how ridiculous it's gotten. I don't think this is talked about too much on how it affects sleep, but I'd like to take a stab at it.

I'll be damned if spam emails, Gmail promo emails, and years of newsletter opt-ins get the best of my daily productivity and sleeping habits. Seriously, in the journey to find the perfect sleep, I own up to my electronic demons that I often ignore but still spend minutes daily swiping (ignore) instead of dealing with the problem head-on. Screw inbox zero, how about 'distraction zero please'?

This is best suited for anyone that has insomnia, needs sleep, or just wants to get their mind off their day.

About Droolish: Droolish is a sleep and relaxation podcast, focused on varied subjects with the goal to help remove insomnia, improve relaxation, and help you go to sleep.

This also has an AMSR aspect as my goal of wanting to use sounds and my voice to help calm imsomnia and to help you relax and sleep.

Comments, topics ideas, or questions or biz inquries: Feel free to reach out via email ([email protected]).

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